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Representing The Interests Of Same-Sex Couples


If you are making serious plans to commit yourself to a same-sex relationship with the person you love, attorney Keith Schulefand can ease that process by creating a comfortable environment for you to discuss your future. Attorney Schulefand understands the issues and negativity from outsiders that can affect New York’s gay communities. He is now committing himself to helping people like you who simply want to be happy like any other married couple across the country. More importantly, however, he wants to ensure in you the confidence to move forward with this great step in your life.

Although New York passed the Marriage Equality Act in July of 2011, and gay marriage is becoming recognized in more and more states throughout the country, there are still prevailing federal and state laws that can confound and challenge the rights that you now have under the act. The fact of the matter is that same-sex marriage is a newly changing area of law that requires sound research and the ability to carefully monitor its progress.

Attorney Keith Schulefand is recognized as one of the most outstanding lawyers in western New York, and prides himself on his ability to help people in matters pertaining to alternative families and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community. Whether it is gay marriage, domestic partnership or second-parent adoption, attorney Schulefand can help you with the legal issues that may be keeping you from starting the family you want. Contact his office today to take the first step toward the resolution of your legal issue.

Looking Out For Your Future

Couples who are considering same-sex marriage often find the need for even more detailed legal counsel. A prenuptial agreement will protect you from unforeseen issues that may arise years later, and can happen to traditional and same-sex couples alike.

With an attorney like Keith Schulefand on your side, you will find that welcoming your partner into your life and being joined as one can be a process that does not need to be hindered by the same issues with which traditional couples have little trouble dealing. With attorney Schulefand’s devoted help, you can protect yourself and your new family in legal areas that include such issues as business ownership, business decision-making, shared finances, children’s inheritance and college funds, real estate and health insurance decisions.

We Also Can Help With Same-Sex Divorces

Attorney Schulefand understands that just as same-sex couples rightfully deserve the liberty of sharing in the same privileges afforded to traditional couples, they also deserve the right to end relationships that have taken a turn for the worse without the anxiety of debilitating legal repercussions.

Getting you what you deserve while you are ending a relationship with your former significant other is Mr. Schulefand’s No. 1 priority. Rather than long, drawn-out court sessions, attorney Schulefand is committed to mediation, collaborative law and alternative dispute resolution. He has helped hundreds of families move on to the next chapter of their lives in a way that has left both parties respectful of each other.

Call Us Today For A Consultation

If you need an LGBT lawyer in the Buffalo-Williamsville area, then please call Keith B. Schulefand at 716-568-4453, or you can contact his office via email by clicking on this link. Attorney Schulefand’s success in the area of family law speaks for itself, and he is committed to making his clients as happy as possible in the timeliest fashion. Put your worries and stress to rest. Call attorney Keith B. Schulefand today.

Same Sex Family Law