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Paternity: Protecting Children And Parental Rights In New York

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law offices of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Williamsville, New York, I take child welfare extremely seriously. I frequently experience unmarried mothers reaching out to secure child support for — and fathers who wish to spend time with — a child born out of wedlock. With so much at stake, you need an attorney who focuses on resolutions to highly emotional issues, not securing a “win” in court at any cost.

Having both parents active in a child’s life is in the best interest of all parties. For help with your paternity-related issue, email my office to set up a consult today.

Attending To Support And Visitation Following A Paternity Finding

DNA testing can identify the biological father of the child in a scientific and definitive way. However, determining paternity is only the first step we help our clients with. Enforcing child support or custody and visitation agreements becomes a part of our job if one parent disputes the results and refuses to cooperate.

Focusing On The Best Interests Of The Father, Mother And Child

Married or unmarried, couples should always consider their child’s welfare and understand their rights as parents. Fighting among each other does little to help an already emotional situation. Determining the biological father can be financially beneficial to a mother struggling to make ends meet with a new baby. A father can also secure a legal document that defines their right to spend time with their newborn.

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