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Domestic Partnerships


In New York, same-sex marriage is now legal. At the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., we recognize this important milestone and offer comprehensive legal services for same-sex couples interested in getting married. Our law firm also provides domestic partnership services for couples seeking legal protection outside of a marriage.

Family law attorney Keith Schulefand has more than 30 years of experience representing same-sex couples in New York. He has remained current on how emerging areas of the law affect same-sex couples. When you select our law firm, Mr. Schulefand will help you navigate through the legal process to ensure you obtain the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Are you interested in establishing a domestic partnership in New York? Contact our law firm online, or call 716-568-4453 to learn about your rights. We also offer prenuptial agreement services for same-sex couples planning to marry.

Williamsville Family Law Attorney Establishes Domestic Partnership Agreements

The domestic relation laws will not apply to you if you and your partner ever separate, leaving your assets and your children unprotected. A domestic partnership agreement or cohabitation agreement can help protect you if the relationship fails.

Similar to premarital agreements, domestic partnership agreements serve as an insurance policy to help eliminate potential conflicts. Domestic partnership agreements can be as simple or complex as you want defining how property and custody matters would be handled in the event of a separation. Taking this proactive measure to address important issues upfront can help avoid the possibility of dissolving a domestic partnership.

Family law attorney Keith Schulefand is a Buffalo-based lawyer with over three decades of experience representing clients involved in the emotional and complex divorce process. He has handled cases that require the division of complex assets such as pensions and businesses. He has a firm grasp on what is at stake, if you don’t have protections in place.

Contact A Highly Skilled Amherst Domestic Partnership Agreement Lawyer

If you are planning to establish a domestic partnership, the best investment you can make is to select a highly skilled family law attorney. Contact our law firm today online or call 716-568-4453 to schedule a consultation in Williamsville, New York. We have the skills and legal resources to protect your personal and financial interests.

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