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Use these crucial tips in your high-asset divorce

High-asset divorces can be more contentious than most. There is so much at stake: Assets, real estate, money, businesses and more.

Even if you and your spouse have been butting heads, there are some steps that you can take to make the divorce process simpler for both of you. We have compiled several helpful tips that you can put to use in your high-asset divorce.

Preparing for a child custody battle

You may have held out hope that you and your soon-to-be former spouse would be able to work out your custody issues without having to go to court. After all, many other New York couples are able to set aside their feelings about each other for the sake of the children.

The fact is that what works for one couple may not work for another. If your situation requires you to take your custody issues to court, so be it. Instead of continuing to try to resolve the issue amicably, you may want to begin preparing for your child custody hearing.

How do I file for child custody in New York?

Buffalo during the holiday season may be cold, but it can also be festive and fun. This year's celebrations may not be as enjoyable, however, if you are preoccupied with reaching a custody arrangement. No doubt, child custody has been on your mind a lot if you are a divorcing parent—especially during the holidays.

Amicable divorces can work out well for some couples, but for others they are just not possible. In cases that will go to court, there is one major step that you will have to take: Filing for custody. Negotiating the particulars of your arrangement can be stressful, but the filing process does not have to be if you know the details in advance. Here, we will go over the basics of filing for custody in New York State.

In a divorce, who keeps the pet?

Approximately 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, and approximately 60 percent of American households own a pet. It should go without saying that many couples that are divorcing also have pets.

This raises an important question: When a couple is divorcing, who gets to keep the pet?

Don’t make these 5 prenuptial agreement mistakes

Okay, so prenuptial agreements are not exactly known for their sense of romance. Sometimes nothing could seem less appealing than sitting down with your future spouse and discussing what might happen to your finances if you divorce.

Many couples avoid discussing prenups for this very reason. Avoiding the conversation, however, is just one of several crucial mistakes that many couples make regarding prenuptial agreements.

What not to do when telling kids about divorce

It may go without saying, but kids commonly know more than you think they know. Especially when it comes to the status of your relationship and whether you are fed up with your spouse. Depending on their age, they may know that a divorce is imminent even though you haven’t told them yet. Even with them possibly knowing, there are certain things that you should avoid doing when explaining that your marriage is ending.

This post will highlight a few of them. 

What is the prenuptial agreement process?

When you are planning a wedding and the changes marriage may bring to your life, you don’t want to worry about entering a messy legal process. Luckily, a prenuptial agreement is simple to create and can save headaches down the road.

We have spoken in previous posts about why a prenuptial agreement is beneficial regardless of divorce as it mainly focuses on what belongs to whom at the beginning of your marriage. This contract usually dictates how to partition property, money and other assets ahead of time and can be adjusted later on if you need to make changes.

Don't leave complex assets to chance in divorce

It is more and more likely for high-achieving workers to not only marry later in life, but to also seek out partners who hold similar values. While this often provides adequate financial cushion during a marriage, it can have serious implications during divorce.

Ending a marriage that has only a handful of joint assets can be straightforward, but what happens when there are significant marital and separate property to sort through? Many high-asset divorces in Texas involve complicated assets, like investments and special savings accounts. These issues take time and attention to resolve.

If you did not plan early for Halloween, read this

Halloween night is next Tuesday. It may be lost on some parents given that decorations and costumes have been sitting on shelves since Labor Day, and the same may be said for planning parenting time routines for this special evening.

Disputes may arise because a parenting time schedule may not account for Halloween as a holiday that requires special times for exchanges or alternative scheduling. Of course with Halloween coming next week, it may be too late to seek a legal remedy to resolve them.

What should grandparents do during a custody dispute

Grandparents can sometimes feel helpless when their grandchildren are caught in the crossfire between two warring parents. They face a common conundrum of deciding whether to intervene. On the one hand, if they take a side, they risk being ostracized from their grandchild. If they do nothing in the hope that the parents can work it out, the child risks further emotional harm that they don’t deserve.  

Indeed, being a grandparent in these situations is not easy. You must navigate a minefield of hurt feelings, assumptions and regrets. This post will provide some helpful hints to maximize your options in difficult situations.

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