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Prepare your post-divorce finances with these tips

Divorce usually takes a huge toll on finances. First, it is a notoriously expensive process. Second, you must figure out how to disentangle your finances from your spouse’s. When the process is over, your personal finances may look totally different than they used to.

This is not necessarily a cause for concern. The period following a divorce is perfect for a fresh start, both romantically and financially. This is the time to reevaluate your finances as a newly single individual. When you are preparing your life after a divorce, there are a few important tips that you can use.

Child custody is complicated, but do I really need a lawyer?

Any parent who is going through a child custody battle can tell you that it is no walk in the park. Not only is it emotionally challenging for you, your partner and your child, it is a complex legal process that most men and women have never encountered.

Some parents attempt to navigate the court system on their own, without the help of a lawyer. They reason that their custody case is fairly simple and that they will save some much-needed money. But forgoing the counsel of a lawyer in your custody battle may not be a wise decision.

Things you can do to help your kids come to terms with divorce

When you let your children know you were getting divorced, they may have each had different reactions. Perhaps one of your kids stayed in his or her room for a day or so, isolated, away from the rest of the family. Another may have had an emotional outburst, showing signs of worry or fear. Every child is unique, so no two reactions to such news will be the same. The key is let your children know you love them and will be there to support them through it all.

Like most good parents in New York, you want what is best for your kids. During divorce, this will no doubt translate into making sure their best interests are a central focus of proceedings. It's not uncommon for challenges to arise, especially if you and your former spouse disagree about certain issues; however, there are several ways you can help your children adapt to their new lifestyle. Since you may need a helping hand as well, it's a good idea to set up a support network before heading to court.

Is divorce litigation right for me? Part 2

When you are going through a divorce, you must decide which method of divorce is best for you: Mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation. In some situations, mediation or a collaborative divorce will not work and a couple must proceed to trial. While no divorce is easy, litigation in particular can be difficult to experience.

Divorce litigation is not for the faint of heart. As we detailed in our last blog post, it can be a lengthy, contentious and emotionally trying process. In this follow-up post, we will go over three more important points of divorce litigation so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

Don't let your high-conflict ex cause a high-conflict divorce

Even when you are certain it's for the best, your divorce is going to bring with it some level of stress, no matter how amicable the split. Every relationship is different, though, and unfortunately, some divorces are going to be more contentious than others, no matter how hard you try to remain calm and civil. This is especially true in cases where your soon-to-be ex is what psychologists might consider a high-conflict personality. But what, exactly, is a high-conflict personality?

Many psychologists define high-conflict individuals as those with borderline, narcissistic or anti-social personalities. As such, they have a higher tendency to engage in contentious or difficult behavior; of course, if this contentiousness is one of the reasons you are divorcing in the first place, you're already well aware of this proclivity. Regardless, what matters now is knowing what signs to look for so that you can take steps to protect yourself and minimize your own stress and tension during your divorce proceedings.

Is divorce litigation right for me? Part 1

Couples who are pursuing a divorce have several options. Some couples choose to settle privately in mediation. Some couples choose a collaborative divorce. However, sometimes neither of these options will work. When a couple feels that they cannot come to a divorce agreement through mediation or collaboration, the other alternative is litigation.

However, there are a few very important things that you and your partner should know about divorce litigation before heading to trial. Litigation is often a grueling process that can be just as difficult, if not more, as working with your ex-spouse. In this two-part series on our blog, we will take a look at a few of the things to consider when deciding whether going to trial is right for you.

Is there anything my prenup can’t cover?

You probably know that prenuptial agreements are intended to protect a couple’s assets in the event that they divorce. In a prenup, the spouses and their attorneys set forth the terms by which the couple’s property will be divided after they split up.

Prenuptial agreements are tailored to fit each couple’s unique needs. In your prenuptial agreement, you can address everything from a family business to your favorite car to your collection of stamps. But as unique as prenups can be, they cannot necessarily include anything that you want. There are some things that your prenuptial agreement simply will not cover.

Will I have to divide my inheritance in a divorce?

When you are dividing assets in a divorce, you will have to consider your bank accounts, your home and many of your possessions. But what about your inheritance? If you received an inheritance from a late family member, will you have to divide it with your former spouse?

Spouses who have received an inheritance may be wondering how it will be affected by their divorce. Every inheritance is different, and the specifics of dividing it will vary case by case. When you and your former partner are figuring out how to handle an inheritance during your divorce, there are many factors that you will have to consider.

Divorce past 50: Understanding gray divorce

When a couple decides to get married, they often picture themselves growing old together, perhaps raising grandchildren and enjoying their retirement. Some couples do last long enough to experience grandchildren and retirement-- only to end up divorcing. 


Why are more millenials getting prenuptial agreements?

A recent survey shows that prenuptial agreements are more popular than ever for an unexpected demographic—millenials. The survey was conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, which polled a swath of its member attorneys. According to the poll, over 50 percent of attorneys have seen an increase in millennial clients who request prenups before their marriages.

So what is causing the spike in prenups for the millennial generation? These are some of the most significant reasons.

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