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Password changes should be part of the divorce process

Changing the locks on the doors of the family house is a simple yet smart measure when going through the divorce process. This is particularly the case when the divorce is contested or involves acrimony. However, in the era where we are increasingly conducting our lives in the digital realm, it also is highly recommended that individuals change their passwords.

While passwords for bank accounts, email accounts and for accessing and paying bills are obvious, recently published an article how it is increasing important to protect your personal digital information at all levels.

Mistakes can be costly when dividing an IRA

Couples will often split up an IRA as part of a divorce agreement. While getting divorced can be challenging or downright unpleasant, additional financial mistakes can make the process even more painful. A Michigan couple recently found this out when it lost a case against the IRS where the husband transferred $140,000 from an IRA to a checking account and failed to pay income taxes on the money.

According to a recent article in, the arrangement following the divorce decree, but it was not handled in a financially prudent manner. The husband transferred money from an IRA to pay some of the obligations from the divorce, which stipulated that $100,000 would be paid from the IRA account to the wife and 40,000 would pay for the wife's legal fees.

New book on prenup mediation

Attorney Laurie Israel has practiced law for 30 years. She started as a tax lawyer, then went into general practice and concentrated on family law and estate planning. About 10 years ago, she published an online article entitled "Ten Things I Hate About Prenuptial Agreements." The piece went viral on the internet because an attorney hadn't written an article like that before.

Israel has recently wrote an article for discussing her new book entitled The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls. The previous article made her popular with couples who wanted a prenup, which in turn meant that Israel did a lot of prenups in the last 10 years, particularly as a mediator. This led to this informative new book.

Is your spouse acting suspiciously as you prepare for divorce?

You never wanted your divorce to turn into a long, contentious battle in a New York court. You were hoping when papers were served to your spouse, things would progress fairly smoothly and swiftly from there.

You may have also hoped that the property division process would proceed without obstacles, but lately, you've noticed your spouse doing some pretty strange things, and you suspect that you may have a serious legal problem on your hands -- one that involves hidden assets. You would be wise to seek guidance regarding any issue causing you concern because a spouse hiding assets to keep them from being subject to division when ending a marriage is against the law and can endanger a fair property division.

When you create a prenuptial agreement, make sure it's strong

In a divorce, your partner and their attorney will almost certainly fight for as much property, money and other assets as possible. If you are not careful, they could succeed, leaving you financially devastated. One of the best ways to prevent this scenario is by signing a prenuptial agreement.

Not all prenuptial agreements are created equal. You should take this statement as fact if you are in the process of creating a prenup. Flimsy, unenforceable prenuptial agreements will not hold up in court, and could put your hard-won assets at risk during property division. To protect your best interests in a divorce, it is necessary to create a prenuptial agreement that is legally airtight.

Tips for staying positive during a divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you are probably feeling a range of emotions. Some of these may be positive; others, negative. Negative feelings can eat at you during a divorce. It is common for soon-to-be divorcés to feel depressed, angry, guilty and pessimistic about the future.

While it is normal —and even healthy— to feel these emotions during a divorce, it is important not to get caught up in them. Trying to maintain a positive attitude can go a long way toward getting you through this difficult time. These are a few tips that you can use to stay positive during your divorce.

Coping with a difficult ex-spouse in a divorce

Some divorces are simple and straightforward. Two spouses agree that they are no longer in love, go through an amicable divorce and maintain a polite relationship for the sake of the children. They may not gave ridden into the sunset together, but they have still reached a peaceful, happy ending. Other divorces are not as happy.

For some couples, an amicable divorce is just not possible. Perhaps this is true for you. Maybe you have tried to make the divorce process as amicable as possible, but your ex-spouse seems determined to make it as nasty as possible.

Divorce has major challenges when you own a startup

Most people think of Silicon Valley as the home of the startup, but New York can give them a run for their money. Many New Yorkers have embraced the startup lifestyle by founding and running their own businesses.

As any entrepreneur can tell you, running a startup can be affect every area of life—financial, psychological and romantic. Many entrepreneurs’ startups do not survive. And because running a startup can be all-consuming, neither do many entrepreneurs’ marriages. Divorce is very different for entrepreneurs who have a startup than it is for most Americans. These are a few challenges to be aware of if you own a startup and are thinking of getting a divorce.

What happens to those frozen embryos in a divorce?

When you and your future ex-spouse decided to marry, you may have agreed to wait to expand your family with children until after you both had a chance to focus on your careers. As time went on, you may have decided to take measures to ensure that when you wanted to have children, you could.

For you, this may have meant using cutting-edge medical technology to freeze embryos for future implantation. Unfortunately, your marriage didn't last long enough for you to use them. Now you and your estranged spouse simply cannot agree on what to do with those embryos. When you took this step, you may not have anticipated the impending court battle you now face.

Free-range parenting: What is it, and is it legal?

Parenting methods have become a hot-button issue for today’s moms and dads. Though many baby boomers’ parents raised them according to nothing but their own parenting instincts, today’s children are subject to a wide variety of parenting techniques.

One of the best-known of these methods is “helicopter parenting,” in which a mother and father monitor their children as closely as if hovering over them in a helicopter. A less-known but increasingly popular parenting style is “free-range parenting,” which grants children age-appropriate independence.

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