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Does wealth reduce or increase divorce odds?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Divorce

It’s very true that divorce and finances are tied closely together. One of the top reasons for divorce is when couples are facing financial stress. For example, 54% of Americans would consider divorce if their partner had debt.

This makes it seem like the main reason that financial stress leads to divorce is that couples don’t have enough money. The problem is that they are facing overwhelming debt and they don’t earn enough. This creates ongoing stress when they can’t make ends meet. 

The suggestion, then, is that having additional wealth would reduce the odds of divorce. Is this true?

It may actually increase the odds

On the contrary, some studies have determined that wealth may increase the odds that a couple will split up. Economic prosperity can lead to a divorce, rather than preventing it.

The biggest reason for this is simply that each person is not dependent on the other for their own financial future. When you have two people in a low-income bracket, they may desperately need both of those incomes just to pay the bills every month. This makes divorce a very complicated decision because it can create even more financial instability.

But if the couple has a net worth valued in the millions, they know that they will never have trouble making ends meet. They can get divorced and still have the same financial success that they would have had if they stayed with their partner. They don’t need two incomes, so it makes it easier for them to consider divorce if they’re unhappy.

Of course, a high-asset divorce can be incredibly complicated while splitting up those assets. Couples involved in this situation need to know what legal steps to take.


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