Protecting What Matters Most

Finding Child Support Solutions That Work

New York’s child support system is outdated. The guidelines for calculating support stop at a combined income of $80,000. Beyond that threshold, you will need a skilled negotiator who can consider all factors, from day care to college financing, to ensure you are treated fairly, and your child’s best interests are served.

30+ Years Of Family Law Experience

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., I have over 30 years of divorce and family law experience as well as a Master of Business Administration(MBA). Parents dealing with complex child support matters benefit from the skill and experience I bring to the table.

I often represent custodial and noncustodial parents in the initial determination of child support, as well as post-divorce modification or enforcement of back child support. I am equipped to confidently address the following issues affecting child support levels:

  • Incomes
  • Mandatory add-ons: Daycare, health insurance
  • Optional or court-ordered matters: Private school tuition, college funding, camps and extracurricular activities
  • Special needs (medical, educational)
  • Hardship issues affecting the ability to pay

Resolving And Preventing Disputes

If you are the recipient parent, I can investigate to make sure the other party is accurately reporting income so that you are not shortchanged in providing for your child’s basic needs. If you are the paying parent, I can challenge attempts to make you pay more than your fair share.

In shared custody, the parent with the higher income is considered the non-custodial (paying) parent. However, support is calculated at a lower rate based on a percentage of the difference in your income.

Are You Ready To Find A Solution That Works For You And Your Children?

It is preferable to resolve child support fairly and amicably upfront rather than face litigation or contempt of court charges later. For a full explanation of your rights and obligations for your unique circumstances, email my office to set up a free phone consultation.

From my office in Williamsville, I represent mothers and fathers throughout the greater Buffalo area.