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March 2018 Archives

Prepare your post-divorce finances with these tips

Divorce usually takes a huge toll on finances. First, it is a notoriously expensive process. Second, you must figure out how to disentangle your finances from your spouse’s. When the process is over, your personal finances may look totally different than they used to.

Child custody is complicated, but do I really need a lawyer?

Any parent who is going through a child custody battle can tell you that it is no walk in the park. Not only is it emotionally challenging for you, your partner and your child, it is a complex legal process that most men and women have never encountered.

Things you can do to help your kids come to terms with divorce

When you let your children know you were getting divorced, they may have each had different reactions. Perhaps one of your kids stayed in his or her room for a day or so, isolated, away from the rest of the family. Another may have had an emotional outburst, showing signs of worry or fear. Every child is unique, so no two reactions to such news will be the same. The key is let your children know you love them and will be there to support them through it all.

Is divorce litigation right for me? Part 2

When you are going through a divorce, you must decide which method of divorce is best for you: Mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation. In some situations, mediation or a collaborative divorce will not work and a couple must proceed to trial. While no divorce is easy, litigation in particular can be difficult to experience.

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