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Financial difficulties can result in divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Divorce

One frequent issue that many people have in their marriages is financial difficulties. Nearly every married couple has a few conversations about finances, however, these are often worked out. If a financial issue isn’t resolved and causes constant fights, then couples may seek other options. 

Financial difficulties can take many forms. Here are a few examples of money troubles in marriage:

4 financial difficulties in a marriage

Infidelity, addiction and abuse are all well-known reasons couples get divorced. However, many people may not discuss the financial issues that led to their divorce. Here’s why some couples don’t work out:

  • Unemployment: A spouse may be fired or quit their job because they believe they are financially secure. However, the other spouse may develop stress and anxiety if they are the only one working for the household.
  • Marriage for financial security: While many people believe their marriages are based on commitment or morals, it’s not always the case. Many people discover their spouses only married them for financial security and not for the relationship.
  • Financial abuse: Many marriage dynamics work because one spouse is employed while the other stays at home. This can lead to the breadwinner using their income to control how their spouse lives their life.
  • Overspending: How finances are used in a marriage is usually a joint decision between spouses. However, one spouse may use their access to savings to spend frivolously, creating stress and resentment from the other. 

Financial issues in marriage are always unique. People who fear money may come between them and their spouses might need to learn about their legal options.



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