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Getting divorced when you return from deployment

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Divorce

Military life, for a married couple, may mean a lot of time apart. A soldier may have to deploy to another part of the world for months on end. They may serve multiple deployments. While other couples see each other every day, these couples just see each other every few months.

This can take a toll. It often leads to divorce when the deployed military member returns home. Couples may feel like they’ve just grown or drifted apart. The person at home may think that the soldier has changed. Meanwhile, the soldier may feel like their spouse just doesn’t understand them anymore, due to their experiences.

The role of cheating

Cheating does happen, but experts note that the movies and public perception often make this seem more common than it is. That said, it’s not as if adultery never happens. It is often the reason for that eventual divorce.

Remember that it goes both ways. The stereotype is that a soldier gets deployed and his or her spouse is unfaithful. They find out when they get back or through a Dear John letter.

However, studies have actually found that it’s even more common for the person who got deployed to have the affair. They may grow close with another soldier while serving together, and that can lead to infidelity even though the person at home has just been waiting for their spouse to return.

Getting divorced

No matter why you decide that it’s time to end your relationship, getting divorced is a major step. Be sure you know what legal options you have.


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