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Military divorce rate continues to decline

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Divorce

Military jobs can be difficult on marital relationships in New York. While the rate of divorce among military members may seem high, it has been declining over the past several years.

According to data from the Defense Department, troop divorce rates have been slowly falling over the last decade. The data showed that 3% of military service members who married at the beginning of 2018 got divorced during the year. This represented a decline in the troop divorce rate of 0.1% over the prior year. Researchers compared the percentage of troops who reported they married at the beginning of the year to the percentage who reported that they had divorced during the year.

The divorce rate of enlisted men was 3.3% in 2009. However, it has since fallen to 2.7%. The divorce rate among female military service members was higher at 6.3%. Historically, the divorce rate for enlisted women has been twice that for enlisted men. It is difficult to compare the military divorce rate with the total divorce rate in the U.S. because they are calculated differently. The U.S. divorce rate is calculated per 1,000 people and does not account for divorces in five states.

While the decline in the armed forces divorce rate is encouraging, the difficult nature of some military jobs often leads to marital separation. A soon-to-be ex may benefit from consulting with an attorney experienced with handling military divorces. There are special rules that apply to military service members and their spouses. Legal counsel could explain how a divorce might impact the military pension benefits and help their client handle child custody issues.


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