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Password changes should be part of the divorce process

On Behalf of | May 22, 2018 | Divorce

Changing the locks on the doors of the family house is a simple yet smart measure when going through the divorce process. This is particularly the case when the divorce is contested or involves acrimony. However, in the era where we are increasingly conducting our lives in the digital realm, it also is highly recommended that individuals change their passwords.

While passwords for bank accounts, email accounts and for accessing and paying bills are obvious, recently published an article how it is increasing important to protect your personal digital information at all levels.

Tracking your whereabouts can be a serious threat

Tracking your whereabouts can be a security issue if you want to avoid harassment or stalking by an angry ex. While GPS can be a boon for not getting lost, modern cars’ onboard computers gather and update mileage, location, status of the locks and other information. It wouldn’t be hard for angry ex to track this information, and they might have even set it up while you were married.

Whether it is a find your phone app, an Uber account, a workout app, or some other app that tracks your movement, this can also be a security issue if you do not wish for an ex-spouse to know your whereabouts. This may be important, if the spouse become confrontational or otherwise difficult.

Smart-home tech can be their friend

In-home technology is another area of emerging concern. While it is nice that that doorbell has a camera and microphone so you can answer the door remotely, you don’t have to open the door or even be home if someone knocks. Unfortunately, this is another opportunity for an ex to track your activities. With the right password, the ex can access the house systems to monitor or change the climate control, lights, door locks or other controls that are online. While these issues more annoying than life threatening, it still can be unsettling to think that they have online access.

Make the change part of the divorce process

There are a lot of details that need to be address when filing for divorce. While changing passwords is not as important as finding the right family law attorney, it should still make the to-do list if only for the peace of mind these changes can offer.


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