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Is your spouse acting suspiciously as you prepare for divorce?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Divorce

You never wanted your divorce to turn into a long, contentious battle in a New York court. You were hoping when papers were served to your spouse, things would progress fairly smoothly and swiftly from there.

You may have also hoped that the property division process would proceed without obstacles, but lately, you’ve noticed your spouse doing some pretty strange things, and you suspect that you may have a serious legal problem on your hands — one that involves hidden assets. You would be wise to seek guidance regarding any issue causing you concern because a spouse hiding assets to keep them from being subject to division when ending a marriage is against the law and can endanger a fair property division.

Signs that warrant further investigation

It’s understandable your feelings would be hurt if the person you were married to and have children with would do something illegal just to gain the upper-hand in a divorce settlement. If you suspect your spouse of this behavior, it’s best to try to remain calm and tap into available resources to do something about the problem. The following list includes warning signals worthy of your attention:

  • Did your spouse recently give a substantial sum of money to a friend or relative, telling you it was repayment for a debt?
  • Have the direct deposit amounts that usually arrive at your joint bank account from your spouse’s paycheck gotten smaller?
  • If your spouse suddenly opens a custodial account in one of your children’s names, it may be a ploy to stash money aside under the guise of saving money for your child’s future.
  • Has your spouse made some recent large-ticket item purchases?

When your financial future is on the line, you have the right to full disclosure and to trust that you are getting all that rightfully belongs to you in your divorce. So, taking appropriate action can be critical if you suspect your spouse may be trying to deprive you of this though improper conduct.

Help and support are available to you

There’s no need to try to handle a suspected hidden asset problem on your own. Obtaining skilled legal guidance may be able to help ensure your rights are protected, help you navigate the divorce process and increase your odds of achieving a fair outcome, allowing you to better focus on moving forward toward a brighter future.


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