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If you did not plan early for Halloween, read this

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Child Custody

Halloween night is next Tuesday. It may be lost on some parents given that decorations and costumes have been sitting on shelves since Labor Day, and the same may be said for planning parenting time routines for this special evening.

Disputes may arise because a parenting time schedule may not account for Halloween as a holiday that requires special times for exchanges or alternative scheduling. Of course with Halloween coming next week, it may be too late to seek a legal remedy to resolve them.

So what is a parent to do?

One avenue is to reach a compromise. This is important not only because of the expectation that family court judges have of parents, but it allows parents to retain control over how they wish to resolve the issue. Through a compromise, a parent may be open to a one-time adjustment for the sake of the child.

Another way is to use existing parenting time to participate in Halloween activities. For instance, since Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, a parent can use the previous weekend to participate in a harvest festival or schedule a sleepover with friends where scary movies are the theme.

Either way, parents who have differences about Halloween can be proactive in resolving them. If you find that you need legal intervention, it is critical to speak with an experienced family law attorney to learn about your rights and options. This is especially critical given that withholding parenting time could possibly be more detrimental than the issue itself.

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