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Helping Military Parents With Child Support

The complexities involved in a military divorce are not something just any attorney has handled, especially when child support must be determined.

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Buffalo, New York, I have the knowledge and experience to handle the unique aspects of determining support for children of military families.

Do not put your child support case in the hands of a divorce lawyer with no experience calculating all types of military compensation. Email my office today.

The Complexities Of Child Support Calculations In Military Divorces

Military pay includes W-2 and nontaxable income. Many military personnel receive housing equivalents in addition to their pay. That compensation is not taxed, but is factored into a child support calculation. Active duty pay must be included as well. Once we have examined every source of income, there are many variables to consider in the final calculation.

Knowledge, Experience And Aggressive Advocacy

I not only have knowledge of the various aspects of military compensation, but also how it relates to the law. I can help you understand your rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which protects active duty military personnel from dealing with lawsuits, including those filed in divorce and family court.

No matter which side I represent, my job is to provide dedicated advocacy and protect the rights of my clients. No one should have to pay more than necessary. Conversely, no one should receive less than what they are entitled to by law.

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