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What happens to those frozen embryos in a divorce?

When you and your future ex-spouse decided to marry, you may have agreed to wait to expand your family with children until after you both had a chance to focus on your careers. As time went on, you may have decided to take measures to ensure that when you wanted to have children, you could.

Things you can do to help your kids come to terms with divorce

When you let your children know you were getting divorced, they may have each had different reactions. Perhaps one of your kids stayed in his or her room for a day or so, isolated, away from the rest of the family. Another may have had an emotional outburst, showing signs of worry or fear. Every child is unique, so no two reactions to such news will be the same. The key is let your children know you love them and will be there to support them through it all.

Don't let your high-conflict ex cause a high-conflict divorce

Even when you are certain it's for the best, your divorce is going to bring with it some level of stress, no matter how amicable the split. Every relationship is different, though, and unfortunately, some divorces are going to be more contentious than others, no matter how hard you try to remain calm and civil. This is especially true in cases where your soon-to-be ex is what psychologists might consider a high-conflict personality. But what, exactly, is a high-conflict personality?

In divorce, Bitcoin is the new offshore account

Divorce is a time when emotions run high. Even when the decision to end your marriage is the right one, you may go into the process with lots of anger, sadness and resentment. These are understandable feelings that are natural during divorce, but they can unfortunately lead some people to display irresponsible behavior.

Preparing for a child custody battle

You may have held out hope that you and your soon-to-be former spouse would be able to work out your custody issues without having to go to court. After all, many other New York couples are able to set aside their feelings about each other for the sake of the children.

Despite conflict, shared parenting is a win-win

From the moment you asked your spouse for a divorce, you may have known the process would not be easy. If your spouse reacted with anger or hurt feelings, you probably saw the dissipation of any chances for a conflict-free separation. This may be of special concern to you if you had hopes of sharing custody of your children.

Are you dealing with a high-conflict personality during divorce?

Dealing with a substantial amount of conflict can often take a considerable toll on the wellbeing of New York residents. When conflict acts as a standard part of your marital relationship, it could also stand as the reason that you now want to move forward with divorce. Though ending the marriage may be the best course of action for everyone involved, you could have concerns regarding the potential for conflict during the proceedings.

Considering the options surrounding your family home in divorce

If you are considering the possibility of ending your marriage and taking a separate path moving forward, certain aspects of the process may be giving you pause. After all, property division will inherently have a substantial impact on your finances, which can in turn affect your future.

Why you shouldn't just "stay together for the kids"

You and your spouse are arguing more and more. The disagreements have escalated and neither of you is happy. You've tried talking, you've tried therapy; nothing has helped. Maybe you or your spouse has even broached the subject of a trial separation, but after some discussion, neither of you is sure you can go through with a divorce, for one reason and one reason only — the kids.

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