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Skilled Legal Help With Restraining Orders In New York Family Court

No one should tolerate abuse from a spouse or other family member. Conversely, no one should face false accusations of such a serious crime.

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Buffalo, New York, I protect the rights of my clients and strive for the truth in such emotionally charged legal proceedings.

Orders of protection pertain to both criminal law matters and family law issues. The severity of the accusation can affect custody and visitation issues or result in jail time. With so much at stake, you need an experienced and dedicated attorney at your side.

Ensuring Safety And Protecting Rights In Restraining Order Proceedings

Many times, the filing of a family offense petition is a legal move to protect a spouse or family member from an instance or ongoing pattern of abuse. Other times, an accusation is made, and a protection order is filed merely to gain an advantage in a custody or relocation dispute. I have represented clients on both sides of these disputes.

The Need For Seasoned And Aggressive Representation

By not retaining an attorney to help you fight the accusations, you don’t just run the risk of jail time. You could lose precious time spent with your children. You may only be able to watch as they move away to another state.

I understand the personal nature of pursuing or defending a protection order. My job is to get to the facts.

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