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Handling Custody & Visitation Agreements In New York Family Court

In custody and visitation matters, I encourage my clients to focus on the best interests of the children — a philosophy that family courts and the law mandate. Your goal should be quality time with your children.

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Buffalo, New York, I help parents draft and modify child custody and support agreements in family court.

Whether or not you are married to the mother or father of your child and are seeking either a custody determination or modification of existing arrangements, send me an email to learn about your options.

Mediating New Child Custody And Visitation Agreements

I strive to work out custody and visitation agreements via mediation. Parents who can work together to find common ground often are able to get along following the final custody ruling. An appearance in family court is frequently only a formality to confirm the decree and move forward.

Modifying Child Custody And Visitation Agreements

As time passes, relationships evolve and jobs change. One parent may be seeking to marry someone from another state and relocate. An ex-spouse may have moved in with someone who uses drugs or is abusive, putting the children at risk. In these cases and many more, the custody agreement must be revisited in family court with the help of an attorney.

Modifying a custody agreement can become contentious if it involves moving the child across the country or being placed in harm’s way. You have rights, but the well-being of your kids comes first in the eyes of the court, whether you are pursuing or fighting an order to modify a child custody or visitation schedule.

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