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Helping You Prepare For Your New Chapter Post-Divorce

After the finalization of your divorce, a new chapter of your life begins. However, transitioning into your new normal can be complicated for you and your children.

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., I can provide you with tireless support during and after your divorce. You deserve an advocate who can address all your legal needs. I have over 30 years of experience guiding clients in the Buffalo area in all aspects of family law, as well as assistance with estate planning and real estate needs.

Housing After Your Divorce

Determining your real estate options after a divorce can be an exciting, but difficult process. There is a lot of paperwork and negotiation involved in real estate transactions. I have extensive experience to help you:

  • Sell your current home
  • Buy a new residence
  • Rent property

I can assist in getting all the details right to ease your transition into divorced life.

Updating Your Estate Plan

It is important to update your estate plan whenever there are significant changes in your life. A divorce is certainly one of those changes. Estate planning matters can be complicated with both individual and joint wills. However, having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference.

There are many details involved in writing and updating estate planning documents. I have the necessary knowledge to help you craft a careful estate plan that best fits your needs and wishes in this new chapter of your life.

When Your Kids Are Involved

Both matters of your real estate options and estate plans can impact your children:

  • Real estate — Depending on the custody agreements, your real estate options can have a large effect on your relationship with your children, their education opportunities and more.
  • Estate planning — When revising your estate plan, I can help ensure that your children will be taken care of. I can also negotiate between spouses to establish a fair agreement.

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I understand that every divorce is different and aim to provide you with personalized guidance throughout your divorce. I will help you prepare for success and comfort in this new chapter of your life as you put your divorce behind you.

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