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Post-Divorce Modifications

Divorce agreements are not written in stone. When significant life changes happen, divorce agreements can be modified based on a job loss, promotion or a change in custody. Obtain experienced legal help if you are interested in modifying an existing divorce order. Any changes to your child custody and visitation agreement could ultimately affect the amount of money you pay or receive for child support.

At the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., we offer more than 30 years of experience handling post-divorce modifications in New York. Our law firm also has extensive experience helping women and men enforce existing divorce agreements. Whether you are interested in enforcing or modifying a court order, entrust our law firm to help protect your best interests.

Family law attorney Keith B. Schulefand is committed to helping you navigate through the legal process to help you enforce or modify your divorce agreement. When experience matters, contact our law firm in Buffalo, New York, for a consultation.

Highly Skilled Amherst Child Support Modification Lawyer

In New York, child support can be modified, if, for example, your income level has been reduced from a job loss, demotion or possibly from an illness. A salary increase by 15 percent or more from a new job or promotion can also prompt a change in how much child support you pay or receive. If child custody has been modified based on your child’s best interests, this would also prompt an adjustment to child support.

Protecting Our Clients’ Rights In Visitation And Child Custody Modifications

A number of factors may prompt a parent to pursue a modification to child custody and visitation agreements. When in the child’s best interests, parents may choose to share custody of a child more equitably so a noncustodial parent has more visitation time.

Child custody may also be modified if one parent wishes to move out of state making it difficult for the noncustodial parent to see his or her child. In this case, the noncustodial parent may try to modify the custody agreement or prevent the relocation. Every child custody modification case is fact-specific.

Our law firm also has experience handling modifications if the custodial parent is unfit to parent based on medical concerns, chemical dependency issues and other factors. We are committed to protecting children’s best interests in highly complicated parental move-away and other child custody modification cases.

Handling Spousal Support Modifications In Buffalo, New York

Spousal maintenance is designed to help individuals maintain a similar lifestyle they grew accustomed to during their marriage. However, if your ex-spouse has remarried or has become self-sufficient with a new job, you may be able to modify your current alimony agreement.

Family law attorney Keith B. Schulefand has extensive experience representing women and men in spousal support modification proceedings. Whether you are in need of spousal support or want help reducing the payments you make to your ex-spouse, we have the skills and legal resources to protect your financial interests.

Contact An Experienced Modification Lawyer In New York

Whether you are interested in modifying child custody or spousal support, the best investment you can make is to select a highly skilled family law attorney. Contact our law firm today online or call 716-568-4453 to schedule a consultation in Williamsville, New York. We have the skills and legal resources to protect your best interests.