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Parental Relocation Amid A Child Custody Arrangement

There is nothing simple about the possible relocation of your children to another state or country. While their best interests are paramount in these cases, an active parent should not be penalized because an ex-spouse chooses to move away. Nor should a parent be denied a new job or relationship.

I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Buffalo, New York, I protect the rights of clients who are pursuing or fighting a relocation.

Moving children away from one parent is an emotional but sometimes necessary step. I will strive to find a middle ground, but will not hesitate to take the case to family court and protect the rights of my clients.

A Parent’s Career Versus A Child’s Emotional Needs

In a challenging economy, jobs are lost. New jobs become more scarce. Many times, an employment search has to take into account the possibility of relocation to continue a career or just keep a paycheck coming in. However, the emotional impact on the children must be considered as well as any career aspirations.

Advocating For Clients On Either Side Of A Relocation Case

I know that there are no winners and losers in divorce. That applies to a parent’s decision to relocate where they live. However, that does not prevent me from aggressively protecting your rights if you are seeking or disputing relocation. Many child custody agreements deal with the relocation issue and impose limits involving distance and school districts.

In the end, the family court must approve the relocation. If there is economic benefit to the custodial parent and accommodations can be made to the parent staying behind, they will sign off on the move. Regardless of what side you are on, we can serve as your most aggressive advocate.

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