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Fathers’ Rights

Before the 1970s, the United States used a legal policy known as “maternal preference” so as to decide the majority of custody battles between mothers and fathers. Because proponents of maternal preference held closely to presuppositions that favored the mother, fathers’ rights activists fought for equal rights under the Fourteenth Amendment, and made revolutionary strides in removing maternal favoritism in the court. Despite their success, however, custody decisions still, by and large, favor the mother in regard to the majority of physical custody and decision-making. Although this is not necessarily the law, it still remains the precedent.

Your Rights As A Father Should Be Protected

The traditional appeal to mothers’ rights, paired with the idea that divorce laws are infallible, has created circumstances where mothers can obliterate their marriages and gain sole custody regardless of the children’s fathers’ protests. When a divorce is proceeding, fathers are generally the last worry of the court; instead, judges have the duty to ensure the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, however, the stigma surrounding the idea that mothers are better suited to care for their children than fathers remains ever-present in our judicial system.

Many custody battles are spiteful. This is why attorneys for fathers’ rights mostly work toward shared custody — a 50-50 split between the time the children spend with mom and dad. Attorney Keith B. Schulefand is one of Buffalo’s pre-eminent fathers’ rights lawyers. He can be the advocate you need to get you over the obstacles of discrimination in divorce court.

Attorney Schulefand Is A Fathers’ Rights Advocate

The laws that favor fathers’ rights in New York are justified, but their enforcement is a work in progress, just as they are in every other state in the country. In support of dads throughout the Buffalo area, attorney Schulefand has done the research that provides proof that mothers and fathers both have distinct influences on a child’s development. In addition, attorney Schulefand understands that children who are raised by both parents have the tendency to end up adults who themselves are self-sufficient and positive contributors to society. He believes that one of the most important factors for determining future success, more relevant than socio-economic status even, is the presence of a father in a child’s life.

In accordance with state guidelines and working within the parameters of the law, attorney Schulefand has worked to target what he perceives to be a disparity in shared parenting. He believes that child support payments can be arduous and have been established in such a way that fiscally encourages divorce. Attorney Schulefand also contends that child support should be not so much about the exchange of money, but that other forms of child “support” — such as food, clothing, shelter and reliable transportation — should be permitted under New York state law.

Call Attorney Keith B. Schulefand Today For A Preliminary Consultation

If you are a father and you need an experienced attorney on your side to fight for your rights, then please call attorney Schulefand today for a consultation. Whether it is child support, custody or stopping the relocation of your child, attorney Schulefand will use all possible resources to ensure your rights are upheld to the letter of the law. He keeps himself well-informed of nuances in state’s laws on support and custody, and believes in helping those who make every effort to provide for their children. As a father in New York, you do have rights, and attorney Schulefand will make it his business to ensure that you are treated fairly and without biases during your case. Contact attorney Schulefand’s office today via email by clicking here, or call 716-568-4453 and learn about what you can do to preserve the relationship you have with your children. Call today.