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College Tuition And Child Support In New York

You want the best for your children. The future success of a son or daughter brings pride to any parent. College is often the first step, which requires a financial commitment by both parents, whether they are married or divorced. I am family law attorney Keith Schulefand and at my law office Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Buffalo, New York, I work with clients to help plan for their child’s future.

Looking out for the best interests of your child does not change when they go to college. They should feel free to pursue a post-secondary education with the help of both divorced parents.

Proactive Planning For Your Child’s College Career

Planning for college is difficult when parents don’t live under the same roof, whether they are divorced or were never married. That is why these issues should be settled in an initial divorce decree. Taking a proactive approach is vital to your child’s educational prospects, and that is the strategy I encourage at my firm.

Your Contributions To College Tuition And The Effect On Child Support

Many factors go into determining a proper amount for college tuition. The courts do not consider private or Ivy League schools as a template. They impose contribution models at a state university standard.

Paying for a portion of college tuition or covering room and board is not above and beyond what a parent pays for child support. In essence, providing food and shelter for your child at college is equivalent to support. That may lead to a modification of the original agreement.

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