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Staying close with your child as a military parent 

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Child Custody

You are a dedicated parent as well as a military serviceperson. While it’s perfectly feasible to mix the two, it can be challenging, particularly if you have been through a divorce. You’re concerned about how to maintain a strong bond with your child during the times that you are away.  

Staying close to your child is extremely important to you. While you are on tour, this can be difficult. Outlined below are a few things that could help with this. 

Utilize technology

Technology has made the world smaller in many ways, and this can be useful when you are on tour. Video calls are a good way to let your child see you and talk to you. If you are unable to do this live, then perhaps you could store and send some videos to your child telling them about your adventures or reading some of their favorite stories. 

Use a planner 

One of the most stressful aspects for the child can be not knowing when you are coming back. Sometimes, you may not know exactly but you’ll often have a good idea. If you use a planner or calendar then you and your child can count the days together, which can at least provide some clarity and stability.  

Co-parenting is crucial 

Staying close to your child as a military parent relies heavily on the relationship between you and your co-parent. As a military serviceperson, you sacrifice so much already, and you should not have to give up any of your parental rights. Seeking some legal guidance to find out how best to assert these rights is wise.


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