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Key considerations: Crafting child custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Child Custody

Are you going through a divorce with children involved? Then you’re going to need to draft a parenting plan.

To better ensure that your parenting plan is workable for you and your co-parent, you should consider the following:

What will custody look like?

Custody always centers on the best interests of the children, not what’s best or most convenient for the parents. While a lot of parents may envision themselves with sole custody, the reality is that the courts tend to believe that some form of shared custody is better for a child’s upbringing, absent any situation that could put the child in danger.

When will each parent have parenting time?

Co-parents will need to come up with a schedule that considers each individual’s work schedule, home location and other circumstances that could impact their ability to meet their child’s needs at any given time. A child’s schooling or extracurricular activities may need to be considered in the schedule, as well as the child’s age, ability to adjust to changes in their routine and other factors.

How will holidays be spent?

One thing to consider when making a parenting schedule is how the holidays will be spent, as these often serve as major bonding moments between parents and children. Parents who cooperate well together can often create flexible schedules that allow them to share holidays, while other parents are better off rotating parenting time on the holidays.

How will you communicate as co-parents?

Parents often need to continue some form of communication once a child custody arrangement is in place. As such, parents will need to consider how they communicate most effectively. Some parents find it easier to communicate in person, while others want to limit communication as much as possible, often through text or email, because they have a difficult or contentious relationship.

Crafting an arrangement that can work

Child custody orders are consequential, legally-enforceable matters. Many parents seek legal help to better ensure that a child custody arrangement is fair and workable for everyone involved while simultaneously reflecting the best interests of the affected child(ren).


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