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Report: Wealth may increase the odds of divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Divorce

With financial issues being a top reason for divorce, people often make the assumption that wealth would make a divorce far less likely. They assume that couples who can’t pay their bills and who struggle to keep food on the table are the ones getting divorced because something like that is naturally going to put a lot of stress on their marriage.

Certainly, these types of divorces do happen, and that financial stress does exist. But do not assume that being wealthy is going to change this or lower the odds of divorce. In fact, some researchers believe that it just makes your chances of getting divorced even higher. They note that economic growth often leads to more divorce cases, not less.

Why does this happen?

There are many reasons this happens, with one being that people often just have high expenses. They may be earning $1 million every year, but they may still be living paycheck to paycheck and not putting anything away for retirement.

Another reason is that a lack of wealth can sometimes make people feel like they are trapped in a marriage. They know that the only reason they are scraping by is because they have two incomes. They may want to leave their partner, but they don’t know how they would financially survive on their own. In times of economic growth, more people are independent in their finances, and that means they can choose to divorce if they would like.

Considering your options.

If you are looking at a high-asset divorce, wealth may not have lowered the divorce odds, but it is going to make that divorce case more complicated. It’s very important to know what legal steps to take.


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