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A military divorce differs greatly from a civilian divorce 

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Military Divorce

The military lifestyle can be rewarding but it is also challenging at times for families. You and your spouse may have tried to stay close over the years, but the distance has just become too much. Divorce is on the horizon and you’re looking into your rights and options. 

One thing to remember is that military divorces are very unique. Outlined below are some key factors to consider. 

Where are you going to file? 

In a military divorce, it’s possible that you’ll have several options on where to file for divorce. You’re currently located in a completely different state from your spouse, and it may be possible to file where you are currently stationed. You might also be able to file in the state in which your spouse is based. 

If these states are different from the location where you are a legal resident and where you were originally married, then this could also be an option. Each state will have its own laws on divorce, child support and custody as well as alimony. This is something that you need to think about carefully before filing. 

Retirement considerations 

Your military service isn’t going to go on forever and as long as you leave in good standing, you’re probably going to be eligible for a pension. In a divorce, your pension could be subject to property division. Again, this largely comes down to which state you file in and that state’s specific laws in this area.

It’s a huge step to file for divorce and you should consider all of your options carefully. Seeking legal guidance will help you to obtain the fairest settlement possible.


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