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How long does it take to get a high-asset divorce in New York?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | High Asset Divorce

Worrying about how long your divorce will take is common among Williamsville, New York residents. When a marriage is over in all respects but the legal ones, you want it finished as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, divorce is rarely a speedy process, especially if you have wealth or valuable assets to divide. Property division and child-related issues are two of the leading reasons for lengthy divorces in New York. The complex nature of dividing the marital property can slow even the most amicable split.

Contested divorces typically take longer

In a best-case scenario, you and your spouse agree on critical matters and can proceed with an uncontested divorce. However, if you cannot reach an agreement, you must undergo a contested divorce. When this happens, the court will make the critical decisions that you and your spouse could not.

If you find you cannot avoid a contested divorce, the matter will proceed according to the state’s sequence of events and timeline. Fortunately, New York courts provide access to this information online, enabling you to prepare for your high-asset divorce. You can also acquire this information from your legal representative.

Regarding how long it takes to complete a contested divorce, it is impossible to supply a precise figure. However, the faster you and your spouse perform any tasks required by the court (attending conferences, submitting paperwork, etc.), the quicker your divorce will conclude. You can, in essence, make your divorce go a lot faster if you and your spouse are both willing to cooperate with the process.

What to do when you’re facing divorce

Since you are going through a divorce anyway, this might be the right time to increase your knowledge about divorce and property division laws. Doing so can prepare you for any property issues that could delay the progress of your case.


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