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The divorce process can be made less costly

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Divorce

In New York, ending a marriage can come at a substantial price. When two households must be formed where there was previously one and with both parties incurring separate expenses and legal fees, it’s wise to save money wherever possible. No one contemplating or undergoing the dissolution of their marriage should do so without qualified legal representation. However, there are ways to alleviate some of the normally associated financial costs.

Financial advisors suggest two main areas where the cost of a divorce can be lowered. By far, the best-cost saving measure is to arrive at an agreement with the other party on primary issues such as property division and child custody. Not only will costs be lowered, but parties that can agree rather than having the court impose a judgment also tend to report greater satisfaction with the result. Furthermore, seeking mediation as a potential remedy can save money. Whenever professional services are needed, such as an attorney or CPA, spending the time organizing the necessary documents before sending them over is helpful.

The second consideration is realizing legal services are charged by the hour. To reduce these costs as much as possible, the client should work with associates and paralegals as much as possible. Additionally, employing e-mail for communications is typically more efficient than telephonic or in-person meetings. Finally, even though it is impossible to remove the emotion from a divorce, the client should refrain from using the attorney as a family counselor or therapist.

Divorce is a process that involves important legal rights and obligations. That’s why hiring an experienced family law lawyer is important. Equally important, in terms of cost savings, is for the client to use that resource wisely and judiciously.


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