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How to settle a divorce outside of court

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2020 | Divorce

New York couples who have decided to end their marriages should strive for uncontested divorces. When a divorce is uncontested, it means that a couple has managed to resolve issues such as how to divide property or who gets custody of the kids. It is important to note that parties to the divorce don’t need to agree to settlement terms right away. It generally takes several rounds of private talks or mediation sessions before a final agreement is reached.

Settling a divorce without going to court can save a person a significant amount of time and money. It isn’t uncommon for those who opt for a divorce trial to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees alone. There are many steps that a person can take to avoid a contested divorce. For instance, listening to what others have to say can make it easier to find common ground and move closer to a reasonable agreement.

Individuals are also encouraged to remain civil during settlement talks. By avoiding emotional outbursts, it may be easier for both parties to remain committed to negotiating a deal regardless of how long it takes to do so. Finally, it is critical to focus on crafting a deal that both sides can benefit from as opposed to attempting to obtain a total victory.

An attorney may be able to assist a person going through either an uncontested or contested divorce. Legal counsel may be able to review any deal reached through private talks or with the help of a mediator. An attorney may also help a person obtain a reasonable spousal or child support award at trial. Bank statements, a child’s medical records or other relevant documents may be used to support a person’s request for financial or other forms of assistance.


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