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Todd Palin files for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Divorce

Sarah Palin came out of nowhere when senator John McCain chose her as his running mate during his 2008 presidential campaign. The former Governor of Alaska was something of a loose cannon and was famously known for “going rogue” because of her habit of going off message on the campaign trail. Palin and her husband Todd Palin also had a tumultuous relationship, which was likely a reflection or their chemistry as well as life in rough-and-tumble Alaska while raising five children together.

Challenging home life

Now after 31 years of marriage, the former commercial fisherman, North Slope oil worker and steelworker who referred to himself as the “first dude” filed for divorce from his celebrity/politician wife. Using their initials in the court papers, Palin filed in Anchorage, citing “incompatibility of temperament” in marriage to his wife. The couple’s home life was recently marred by their oldest son, 30-year-old Track, breaking into the couple’s home and attacking Todd. There were also several kids involved in a drunken brawl in 2014 at a party, although no charges were filed.

Too much drama?

The couple has made no official statements regarding the divorce. The paperwork would seem to indicate that the husband was perhaps tired of the mayhem that seemed to follow his family, particularly his wife who continued to stay in the spotlight with books and controversial appearances and statements long after her candidacy and governorship were over.

A high profile example

Grey divorce is increasingly common for couples married for a long time. In this case, they plan to share custody of their 11-year-old son, but the couple’s high profile presents other unique challenges. Some may suggest trying to settle out of court to keep the matter private, but the couple’s history would seem to point towards litigation.


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