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Coping with a difficult ex-spouse in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Divorce

Some divorces are simple and straightforward. Two spouses agree that they are no longer in love, go through an amicable divorce and maintain a polite relationship for the sake of the children. They may not gave ridden into the sunset together, but they have still reached a peaceful, happy ending. Other divorces are not as happy.

For some couples, an amicable divorce is just not possible. Perhaps this is true for you. Maybe you have tried to make the divorce process as amicable as possible, but your ex-spouse seems determined to make it as nasty as possible.

Dealing with a difficult spouse

If you are getting a divorce and your former spouse is on their worst behavior, you may be at your wits’ end. Going through the legal process of a divorce is trying enough, let alone going through a divorce while dealing with a difficult spouse. These are a few coping tips for when your spouse tries to make things toxic.

  • Document their behavior

Sometimes, an ex-spouse’s words and actions can play a major role in a divorce decree. If your spouse has been saying nasty things—particularly if these statements cross the line into threats—you should document them carefully. Your records could be crucial evidence in your divorce case.

  • Seek help

Divorce is an emotionally draining time for acrimonious and amicable couples alike. You do not have to go through it alone. Reach out to friends and family in this difficult time. You may also wish to seek outside help from a therapist, a marriage counselor, a family law attorney or your religious community.

  • Take advantage of your legal options

You have legal options for dealing with a partner who is acrimonious. Taking advantage of the legal options that are available to you can help you address your spouse’s bad behavior and get the divorce decree that is in your best interest.


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