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Avoiding divorce trouble during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2016 | Divorce

As millions of other parents in New York and across the nation are currently doing, you may be getting your 2016 holiday celebrations underway. If you also happen to be in the process of ending your marriage, the last thing you need is for divorce issues to ruin your holidays. You’re likely already a little nervous about starting new traditions and adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Generally speaking, your attitude sets a tone that your children are likely to follow. That is one of many reasons for doing whatever is necessary to prevent contentious debates and emotional outbursts regarding child custody, property division or other divorce-related matters during the holidays.

Be proactive to avoid trouble

You will likely have to interact with your former spouse for various reasons during the holidays. Compromise and cooperation are often key factors toward successful meetings and low stress levels that allow all involved to communicate without eruptions of discord and anger.

Keeping the following ideas in mind may help:

  • Children’s emotions may be fragile during the holidays, especially if it’s their first holiday after your divorce.
  • Respect and basic good manners are valuable tools that help prevent conflict.
  • Addressing problematic issues in an amicable fashion as soon as they arise may be wise so as not to allow the building of frustration or resentments that may lead to further problems down the line.
  • By keeping conversations with your former spouse non-confrontational, you may help maintain an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.
  • Family advisers say it is best to refrain from any negative comments or discussions regarding your children’s other parent.

The above tips may help you navigate the holiday season and resolve in an agreeable fashion any problem that arises in order to keep your children’s best interests at heart. If your former spouse refuses to cooperate or has made unfair demands outside of your existing agreement, you may refer to New York law to determine your rights in the situation.

Seeking support if problems are unresolvable

When you got married, you no doubt expected your union to last a lifetime. Many other parents have been where you are now, and data shows divorce rates have increased alarmingly in the past few decades. This does not make you a bad parent, and there is no reason you should be pressured into any situation that makes you uncomfortable, especially during the holidays.

If an unresolved problem is keeping you and your children from enjoying the holidays, you may want to seek support. Following, are services a family law attorney can provide that may be of assistance in such circumstances:

  • Act as a skilled negotiator to seek amicable solutions to your problem
  • Make suggestions regarding a proposed parenting plan during the holidays
  • Clarify state law, as well as all terms contained within an existing court order
  • Submit a request for modification of a court order if you deem it necessary
  • Litigate on your behalf if problems are unable to be resolved outside a courtroom

If your ex-spouse refuses your requests to set aside unresolved issues until after the holidays, and you believe outside intervention would help you obtain a swifter, more peaceable solution, it is perfectly within your rights to request experienced representation from a family law attorney. As a compassionate and skilled advocate, an attorney can streamline the legal process to help you accomplish your goals in a timely and affordable fashion so that you can get back to enjoying the holidays with your children.


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