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Our Philosophy Is Simple


In divorce, there are no winners and there are no losers. The end of a marriage is neither a contest, nor a competition. It is an opportunity to resolve all issues so all parties involved can move on with their lives.

At the law office of Keith B. Schulefand, Esq., in Williamsville, New York, you can benefit from not only our legal background in family law, but also our founder’s Master of Business Administration (MBA). This is crucial, as many divorce cases involve asset valuation and tax consequences.

A Buffalo-Area Lawyer With Over 30 Years Of Experience

Keith B. Schulefand has a firm grasp on what is at stake in complex divorce and family law matters. He also understands that all clients have specific and unique needs that need to be resolved as efficiently as possible.

No divorce is too complex for him. He helps successful business owners, military personnel and professionals resolve complicated divorce and family law issues such as:

In addition to representing clients through his successful Buffalo-based practice, Mr. Schulefand also handles divorce cases through the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

For more information on our founder’s background and qualifications, and on another team member of our firm please follow the links below to review their attorney profiles.

We Understand The Stakes

With so much on the line — your relationship with your children, your property and your financial well-being — you need an experienced law firm looking out for your interests. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.